Our Team

Our team brings many years of experience in the medical device and equipment industry in the United States and Asia. We are led by a bi-cultural bi-lingual team educated in both the US and China and are completely comfortable in both English and Chinese business environments.


Managing Director & Co-founder

Michael Alper Before co-founding NeuvoMedica, Michael spent several years working at Medtronic in a number of business development and marketing roles in the Asia Pacific region including China and Japan.  In his last role at Medtronic, he led the Marketing team for the Medtronic Diabetes business in Greater China.  Michael also previously worked at Accenture doing consulting work related to US health insurance and spent several years in a number of sales and business development roles in the software/IT industry.  Michael speaks fluent Chinese and Japanese, has an MBA from Wharton, an MA in international studies from University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor’s from Harvard College in Computer Science.



WangMinMin has over 20 years of experience in healthcare in China.  Min started his career as a general surgeon in Beijing Electric Power Hospital.  Afterwards he spent many years selling and running sales regions at Tyco/Covidien (now Medtronic).  Min has extremely strong experience and relationships in Emergency Medicine, Neuro Critical, Neurosurgery, Vascular Surgery and General Surgery areas.

In addition to his studies at medical school at Hebei Medical University, Min has an MBA from Peking University.


Senior Associate

Malcolm MaioBefore joining NeuvoMedica, Malcolm spent several years working at Medtronic in sales and marketing roles. Previously he also worked at McKinsey doing projects for Chinese healthcare reform.

Malcolm was educated as a physician at the Medical College of Fudan University and worked at both Zhongshan Hospital and Jinshan Hospital in Shanghai. Identified early in life with an exceptional cognitive ability, he successfully completed his Medical College training at age 20.