Here we will be posting information related to the China Medical Device Market.  In addition to the list below, please check back as we will be adding more useful resources on a regular basis.

Clinica China Medical Device Column

NeuvoMedica’s Michael Alper was invited to contribute his thoughts on the China Medical Device market in a series of articles. You can download these articles below.

January 2014: Inside China – Know thyself; Know thy distributor
December 2013: Inside China – New Policies to Bolster Tech Transfer Wave
November 2013 – Inside China: From knockoffs to knockouts
October 2013 – Inside China: When dragons go shopping
September 2013 – Inside China: Staying whiter than white

Free White Paper – The Chinese Medical Device Market: Riding the Dragon

This paper was co-sponsored by NeuvoMedica and MDMA (Medical Device Manufacturing Association).  The goal of this paper is to assist small and medium sized medical device companies with entering and succeeding in the Chinese market. The paper provides a framework for these companies to follow and refer to when formulating and executing their China market entry strategy.

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Neuvo Medica Brochure

A printable PDF brochure highlighting NeuvoMedica services and advantages.

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Results of Survey on Medical Device Manufacturing Countries

We conducted a survey of approximately 40 healthcare professionals in China to get their perception of the quality, safety and innovativeness of medical device products from various countries and regions.

Chart Quality
Chart - Safety
Chart - Innovative