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Our services and solutions are aligned with our goal of helping our clients and partners bring new medical technology products to China and maximizing the market potential of these products.  For new entrants to the Chinese market, we typically start with a Market Assessment and then based on the outcome of the assessment, move forward with Product Registration, Product Launch, Distribution and Market Development.

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Market Assessment

When deciding whether to enter or expand in the China market, medical technology companies need to ensure that the expectations for return are sufficiently attractive in comparison with other opportunities. Learn More

Product Registration

In order for a medical device to be legally sold in China, it must receive approval from China’s regulatory body, the SFDA (State Food and Drug Administration). Product requirements and timelines can vary considerably. Learn More

Product Launch

Product launches are the best opportunity to introduce and gain traction for a new product in the market.  A Product Launch gives a company a chance to educate a group of physicians about its product quickly. Learn More


Distribution is one of the major challenges for medical device companies in the China market. Our approach to distribution in China includes our national network of distributors and our marketing capabilities. Learn More

Market Development

In order to maximize a product’s potential in China, Market Development is key to identifying and addressing the key barriers to adoption of your product in China. Learn More

Other Services

In addition to the services listed above, we provide other advisory services related to the medical device industry including (but not limited to): China manufacturing (including GMP and other regulatory requirements), segmentation and pricing, competitive intelligence & analysis, and due diligence.